Brandon Bristow music featured in two new surf film releases: Live & Longboard Habit

The music of talented surfer, artist, musician, singer/songwriter, Brandon Bristow, the creator of the commercial advertisement and music for Nature's Presence Collection, has been featured in two new surf film releases: "Live, A Music and Surfing Experience" a David Parsa Production featuring Jack Johnson, Kelly Slater, Tom Curren, Jackson Browne, Greg Noll, etc..., and "Longboard Habit" a Burnt Toast/Katz Eye Production. Brandon also provided some film footage for the movie "Live" and performed on stage for the premier showing of "Live" on September 10, 2008

Brandon also provided much of the music for the Josh Pomer/David Parsa film "Absolute Mexico as well as performing for world premier of "Absolute Mexico" in Santa Barbara, California, April 19, 2008.
You can check out Brandon's great music on his website where he has two CDs available, with more soon on the way at

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